Why advertising is not profitable

Order an IT marketer, or deal with Google Ads and SMM on your own - it is not just a matter of time (and money) - as in any field, there are its peculiarities and pitfalls.

 And so, you sign up for Google Ads, create ad units, add texts and photos, top up your balance (or order an IT marketer), and you see how in a matter of hours - days your entire budget is running low, but there are hardly any new customers,  - congratulations, you got into IT marketing)))


 The reasons for not advertising profitability

 The main reason why this happens is the wrong choice of category of your product, that is, in cases of pavement tile sales, you have chosen the general setting (this is text advertising) - you will get customers looking for in-house, wall tiles and others - the result is definitely not happy.

 Another reason is the choice of region (when it matters) - shoppers are unlikely to want to spend on delivery and contact a supplier from another region.

 The timing of advertisements is also important, because during peak hours, users are mostly wandering around the web rather than looking for something specific.  However, these settings are not universal, each product group has its own sales features, and in this matter you are the main experts, IT marketing allows you to expand your capabilities in the Internet.

 What profit should advertising bring

In any case, advertising must lead to new users, which is why IT marketing is ordered.  In general, there is no optimal formula for calculating / forecasting advertising revenue.  The first month may be minimal profit, advertisements are called by competitors and market analysts, etc., but the percentage of calls from the total number of clicks should not be less than 15%, the optimum number is 40%, but with a high probability such settings will cut off part  potential customers.

 How to set up ads with optimal CTR

 CTR is the ratio of total calls to ad unit clicks.  There are several methods for setting up contextual advertising.

 1 - Maximize clicks and reach

 2 - High CTR.

 To achieve the second result, marketers do the following:

  •  Limit age group;
  •  Limit show times to business hours only;
  •  Display advertisements in the immediate vicinity of the office / shop;
  •  Choose keywords with "hot tails" (hot tails are the definitions of a keyword such as "price", "buy", "order", etc.);
  •  Show ads for only one gender;

 These measures save the budget significantly, but cut off up to 40% of potential customers.  If scope and competition allow, it is better to spend more but bring in more customers.

 If site visitors do not purchase products / services on your site, there may be the following internal reasons:

  •  inconvenience of the interface - the user is simply lost, cannot find buttons "basket" or "contact with the seller";
  •  when ordering, users are left with too many fields to fill (few people want to leave their personal details and when not required);
  •  Required to fill in the field - the full name and the contact number of the product (the product number is pulled from the basket) may be required;
  •  no prices for goods - it is not convenient to choose products without knowing their prices, 80% of users do not call to clarify the value of goods
  •  slow site - if the site loads longer than 2.5 seconds - the number of visitors decreases by 60%;
  •  price / quality of goods - maybe your product has a non-competitive price, or poor quality - the percentage of sales will definitely decrease;

 in these cases, you should contact the developers to make the necessary changes.

 These errors can be fixed by signing up for Google services to help you track the number of clicks on specific blocks / buttons, or by ordering an IT marketer.


 Advertising must generate revenue and drive new customers.  There are many factors that affect its quality and outcome.  Do not be afraid to experiment, analyze the performance of competitors, change their approaches to sales and you will find the best result.

 Ask for advice, we will be glad to help!