landing page pros and cons

   In 2019 (as in 2018) the main trend in development is landing page - a one-page site with a scroll on 5-7 screens.  It provides a broad scope for design decisions and, according to the survey, allows longer retention of clients, as 70% of site visitors do not go to other pages or wait for their downloads.  However, users like scrolling.

 Pros landing page

 The same opinion was followed by our team, it seems that everything is logical and simple.  However, it's only for designers who find it easier to draw a solid page across multiple screens, and it is easier for developers - in 10 minutes, connect a few libraries that turn scrolling magic into pictures, texts and animations, while tearing up  the client is far from $ 500-1500 (depending on the insolence of managers and increase the client's pupils at first viewing).


landing page is more expensive to advertise
 If you want to include contextual advertising, it will be more expensive on landing page since most of the words you will use in advertising will not be included in the description of your site, when clicking on an advertising link the client will get to the main page of your site, and the advertised information may be placed on 2  To the 4th screen, so the client may get lost and leave the resource.


New blocks in the landing page

 There is also a problem with adding new information to the landing page, as you need to contact programmers or designers to add a new screen / elements.  On the other hand, if landing has more than seven screens, the likelihood of screen viewing by visitors will decrease.  Moreover, when setting up ads or leaving links on social networks, users will not be able to click on a link to a specific landing screen, but will go to the first page, and then rotate the screens in search of the necessary information, which will significantly affect conversion conversions.

 An alternative to landing page

 With multi-page (corporate) sites, the situation is better, because the customer can immediately go to the page that interests him, rather than the main page of your site and then flip the necessary subcategories in categories (with the same watches - to get to the page repair clockwise and order immediately  service).  In addition, developers will add to your admin panel the ability to create additional pages / categories, which is much easier than landing page.


 Given the above, we conclude that the landing page should be used for individual purposes (as a deployed business card), in other cases it is better to choose a corporate site.