SEO promotion is a promise with no guarantees

Essence of SEO- of optimization consists in that, to show out a web-site, or him separate pages in ТОП 100, 10, 5, 3 and into first place in a search (Google, Yandex), at the same time, essence of work of searching robots is ранжування of web-sites depending on their utility for users. With every year the algorithms of searching robots become all more difficult, also, the estimation of web-sites "пошуковці" engage in, criteria after that web-sites are estimated usually, hide.


It was once better

As they say senior people: it was "once better", - in SEO like. Ten years ago it costed to the programmer to "wrap" up in the tags of h1 all text on a web-site - and he automatically got in топ, as ввесь internal maintenance of resource was folded by "keywords". On this time similar decisions can only bespatter a web-site on the honoured last page of search. Or text was written with empty with the frequent reiteration of keyphrases, fortunately, this reception is not already actual.

If SEO- of шники knew the algorithms of пошуковиків exactly, then would be able to put non-liquid web-sites at the first places in searching delivery, that negatively would be folded on the image of the searching systems. To Tom, when вебстудія asserts that after certain to positions or on the whole will put a web-site at the first place in a search - or her workers lie obviously, or not understand with what have business, main them -, that you ordered SEO- optimization.


Whether SEO is needed

Simply, the presence of SEO- of specialist considerably will improve positions of web-site (if he to that had certain defects - duplications of pages, absence of description, external references on a web-site, long time loading of top page and other) and with the large fate of probability in a prospect (3- 6 months) will show out him on the top page of search (if a niche is not supersaturated by competitors, in particular, sale of notebooks, mobile telephones, informative portals and other). Therefore ordering services of SEO- of specialist costs.

But it follows to realize that ТОП-3 in especially competition niches - it rather playing a lottery, although here as well as in life everything is decided by money: at permanent considerable inflowing of money of ТОП-3 of question of time.

The cost of SEO depends on competitors

Absolutely faithful statement, if in your niche competitors do not use service of сеошників - it drove you, the however indicated situation happened usually rarely. To become better, than competitors it is needed to do a web-site more comfortable for users, for competitors there can be a large network of backlinks, plenty of visitors, - it will be you to "interrupt" these indexes, to do active pages in social networks (this reception is ignored majority).

Therefore before the start of work it is needed clearly to define aims and credible cost of achievement of the indicated aims.


Stopping of SEO of support can badly affect positions of web-site

Absolutely right, if you dealt with the increase of amount of backlinks. Доприкладу, monthly сеошник added 15 backlinks on your resource, after stopping of SEO- of support of reference not added. In default of dynamics Google considers, oh Your web-site left off to be interesting for users and, already beginning from the second month probably will put a resource on more subzero positions (probably, - because activity of competitors and quality of Your web-site influence also on it, maybe users репоститимуть information from Your web-site).

In another cases can not listen to the "threats" of сеошника, as internal optimization, метатеги, the articles nowhere from your resource will disappear (usually if it was conducted).

The higher the SEO value, the better the result

 Unfortunately, when you apply to a large PR agency you may not get the result you pay for.  The fact is that many agencies run the pipeline.  For SEO promotion, this is bad because no specific contractor is assigned to the project.  When you add a monthly rather than a project fee, you get 30% of the possible result.  Of course, the team of experts should give better result than one, but the issues in strategy and approaches.  One freelance specialist will cope with the promotion of a small online store, blog, corporate site, but in particularly competitive niches, where for years competitors have been working on competitors' sites, there is no need to build illusions.


 How much SEO costs

 An experienced SEO specialist should receive $ 500-900 for 30 hours working on the project, this time will be enough to promote a small corporate site.  A full working month costs $ 1500-3000.  But this is only the salary without taking into account the cost of SEO texts, the purchase of backlinks, the work of programmers.  The number of texts and links depends on the competitors, however for a competitive niche a month can go from $ 400, SEO texts - $ 100 a month.  But with the right approach, these investments will completely pay off.


SEO myths

 There are many myths about seo, website promotion, and putting them in the TOP.  Some of them have rational grain, but they are far from objective reality.

 1. The more syntax and keywords are collected, the better.  This is a very big mistake!  The fact is that search engines can distinguish even anecdotes and metaphors.  In particular, if you search for "pickled apple" in the search - the ribbon will produce apple products, "red devil" - articles about Donald Trump.  Search engine matches content with declared meta tags, headers, and keywords.  In the absence of a description of keywords or headings, the search engine will identify these differences and reduce its credibility.  That is, if the page is about wooden tables, and there is no information about glass tables, DO NOT apply the glass tables.  Whatever the optimizer tells you.


 2. Be sure to add photos and spreadsheets.  Availability of photos, tables, diagrams improves the information content and attractiveness of the pages, but does not mean that this is the key to getting into the TOP.  If the photos are not optimized - the page loads longer, then the user may not wait for it to load, or the search bot will prefer faster pages of competitors.  Tables may look bad in an adaptive version that sees the search bot and degrades the page position.


 3. The more backlinks, the better.  It is not the number of backlinks that is evaluated, but the quality and usefulness of the information for the users as a whole.  If there are backlinks to which no one goes to the site, or from "bad" sites, it will only reduce the trust and position of the resource.



Therefore at the choice of SEO- of specialist, even if you understand nothing in this niche it is necessarily needed уточняти what instruments a specialist will use, his prognoses in relation to advancement, in the case when he gives prognoses before that as will estimate Your web-site and web-sites of competitors - hurry from such specialist, is he on 90уде to pump out from you money but not to engage in Your web-site.

Read forums, reviews, ask the concrete examples of SEO- of optimization of web-sites вебстудіями (serpstat, similarweb are services for the revision of positions of web-site) and Your investments in SEO- optimization pleasantly will be surprised.

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