Website creation cost

Unfortunately, in the field of development, the concept of "site price" is determined not by the number of people / hours spent on its development, but by the amount that the client is willing to pay for the site.
 It is difficult to determine the average cost of sites because it is influenced by a number of characteristics, including: site type (business card site (one-page site with brief information about the owner and his contact information), landing page (multi-screen one-site site may contain media  files), a blog (a small site up to 10 pages where the author posts articles and files), an online store (analogous to a catalog of goods with a basket, the ability to order goods and feedback), a corporate site (a mixture of landing and mouth-blogging  a small product catalog), an online portal (includes the features of the above sites aimed at a wide range of users), as well as additional services.

 For the sake of clarity, we set the average cost for different types of sites and increase them when getting additional services.





 price in $

Business card Landing Page Blog  Online Store Corporate Website Internet portal
Base price







+ design;







+ additional functional features; 











30/1hour 30/1hour
+ basic SEO optimization








This is not an exhaustive list of additional services that may include uploading and supporting a resource, IT marketing and further SEO promotion.

  And so, (people who have a site order will understand) when you ask the web studio manager (or freelancer) about the value of the site - he does not specify for the functionality, administrative panel capabilities, additional messengers, etc., and asks what are the goals of the site, scope  in which it will be presented, then there is a scam about the number of customers who did not know what they live for before, and with the advent of your domain name in the cloud like salmon to spawn will float to your site.  After that the heavy artillery - the designer will be connected, even without a clear technical task, he will at once tell that the client loves eyes, the site is the face of the company, and unless the face can cost less than $ 1000, but the client needs not just design but exclusive design, so for  owning a designer with this wonderful word you have to fork out for at least $ 600 (do not worry, after the completion of the technical task, the price of the design will increase, as new screens and buttons will appear).  You will then be offered additional security levels, no, not captcha or two-factor verification (most likely not done by developers), and basic CMS or backend tools.  Attachment of the performance will be attachment to the client personal manager (because otherwise, the client would have to talk raccoon "Stepan" and parrot "Kesha" probably).  And all - you are either on the hook (after a simple innocent question, especially if you represent a well-known brand), or you will be in the awkward position of a miser, or a beggar who cannot pay for completely understood and necessary services.
  More than once, I and my colleagues, while working in other web studios, have seen a picture when a new client arrives - the HR manager, consultant, designer, team-leader, company manager surrounds him, and the longer the visitor withstands this pressure, the higher the cost of developing the site and  longer delivery period.  Yes, a small corporate site (albeit a well-known brand) started to cost $ 35,000 instead of the real value of $ 7,000 (including the profit of a web studio), and instead of one month it increased to four.
It is worth noting that apart from the cost of website development, you need to calculate the cost of SEO promotion and internet marketing, because without them, your site will not fall into the search engine's visibility.  The more competitive the niche, the higher the cost per click in advertising and the higher the cost of SEO promotion.  Minimum cost of contextual advertising is $ 20 per week.  If the advertising is carried out in foreign markets, the price will increase tenfold.  In addition to advertising, you need to take care of the writing of the texts and every relevant page of the site.
  Our team wants to simplify communication with clients as much as possible and make it transparent so that the customer can see for what he pays money, moreover, he could calculate what to choose and how much it costs.
  You can calculate the preliminary cost of the site on our site.