Do you have a landing page? Perfectly! Recycle.

We are often approached by clients asking for the promotion and visibility of the landing page (single-page multi-screen sites).  No matter how great they look, and however strong the wishes of the customers are, we unfortunately refuse to promote.


 There are a number of objective factors:

 1. Landing page is one page, one H1 title, title, description, and at least you will not crack another one.  That is, if you are engaged in the delivery of goods, you probably have the main title will consist of a general description, it will not squeeze delivery to certain areas, loaders, stocks, cost, different car load capacity, so you will not be in these requests in the TOP ;

 2. New users (90% of the audience) and guesses do not have the information they need (price, lead time, contacts, product samples, location of the company) can be on the 5-7th screen.  The user gets to the first "landing" page, which is less informative.  According to statistics, only 20% of users scroll through the sites to the third screen, 10% to the fifth;

 3. Advertising of services will cost more than division of a site into separate pages with categories (the algorithm is long to paint, for more information contact the administration);

 4. When switching from advertising, the social network user gets to all that first screen, and not to the specific service he needs, and here comes into effect item # 2;

 5. You will not put a blog on the landing page, which is not only a mandatory element of promoting the site, but also of communication with users.  If you are in the business - you know the intricacies and details that are important to customers, to share such things is not only useful for business (increasing customer confidence), but also a step to make life easier for others.  If car salespeople reported information about typical car breakdowns depending on age and mileage, they would increase the percentage of car service and the frequency of inspections.  But no, after the break you googly - and discover numerous videos and articles.


 Landing page - these are deployed business cards, they are useful when starting your own business, or for presentation on the Internet.  It's better to order an inexpensive multi-page site on CMS by consulting with a SEO specialist (or choosing a web studio that does the bundling), rather than a landing page design that will definitely be attractive but not entirely satisfying