Which site to order to achieve the result

The main question that the customer puzzles over is which site to order a landing page or multi-page site, on which platform, what to look for.
 Each option has its own pros and cons.

 landing page

 landing page can have a more beautiful design and unusual structure, such a site harmoniously fits animations and animated appearance of blocks.  However, in the specified rainforest it is very easy to get lost and forget what you came for.  Indeed, when you visit a dentist's website - you want to see his price and work schedule, but when these blocks fly for 10 seconds before appearing, they shimmer and blink - somehow it is strange and the tooth becomes less sore.

 Multi-page site (corporate)
 A corporate site is deterred by having to click on a menu to go to another page that deter visitors.  However, before going to a site, a visitor should see it in search, which is more likely in a multi-page site than in a landing page.  The downside of a corporate site is its value - it is several times more expensive than a landing page.


Next comes the question of design.  In my opinion, without a designer it is difficult to create a working sketch of the site yourself, although if you spend a lot of time - it will work.  Speaking of designers, I would not use the services of designers who did not sketch the structure of the site on a piece of paper or in any editor, at least for the sake of clarity to the customer, before executing the order.  Otherwise, the customer may not get what he wanted, the deposit is paid, the time is wasted and the designer is not very pleasant.
 There is another category of designers who ask the customer for the location, shape, color of each block, the backdrops of screens and animations, in which case it is not clear why the designer if the whole concept is shaped by the customer.

 Chronicle or CMS

 In 2019, CMS sites can compete with scrapbooks in download speed and optimization, so in GOOD hands, both tools are acceptable.  I would say - the main question is the price and the ultimate goal.  If the site is for a small company, at the beginning of business - it is not necessary to overpay for "individual" design and the same "individual" decisions, most likely you "plug in" template design and code, so you can safely start with CMS and any  what time to go to the top level.
 The main thing is for the site to load quickly, to be responsive, with unique title and description (title and short description of the page) on each page.

 Corporate sites should be self-explanatory, which is generally good.  Moreover, it provides some standalone (no need to worry about the CMS platform maintenance cost rising), and greatly expands the ability to build internal logic (usually if needed).

 SEO and IT marketing

 In the future, if you plan to sell products online, or take up a place in the TOP issue, - be sure to consult an SEO specialist about the structure of the site.  It should outline the structure in accordance with the analysis of competing sites (not just the general rules) and develop a plan for the promotion of the resource.  Designers and developers are not settlers - then you have to redo.  Typically, a site designed for SEO meets the requirements of IT-marketing, but if you want to monetize the resource (placement of outdoor advertising) - you should think through the ad units in advance.



Web Studio or Freelancer


 There are pros and cons to both web studios and freelancers.  Web studios will be called quality and experience as their main advantages.  These are rather contradictory categories, as most web studios publish far from high quality sites (in terms of design, download speed, optimum library usage, etc.).  The experience of the company as a whole and of the performers is different.  Most parent companies (due to high competition and the desire to increase earnings) work with rapid staffing.  Prokromst, testers, designers with experience gain higher salaries, it is easier to hire 3 new employees with a salary of $ 600, to put them in honey with a salary of $ 1200, than to keep an employee at the rate of $ 2000-3000.  This luxury is usually afforded by web studios that work on international projects.  Therefore, experience and quality are qualities inherent in single web studios.


 The main benefits of web studios are reliability and persistence.  As a rule, freelancers take the deposit and work without a contract.  In case of disputes and remarks from the hostage, some performers either significantly increase the rider or "disappear".  Of course, for $ 200-700, no one will be caught under the door of an unscrupulous performer or sued, so a quality freelancer job is a lottery.  Another issue is maintaining and refining the site.  If you want to make changes to the resource in half a year, you may simply not find a freelancer who designed the site, moving abroad, transitioning from development to management, or to office work are frequent phenomena, and few people want to refine someone else's code.

 The advantage of freelancers is usually the cost of work and time.  If a person works on a project basis, they can be guided for no more than 40 hours a week and perform work faster, except if the frontend and backend are developed by one person or two or three together - there is no time to parse someone else's code, mistakes and crutches.


 In general, I would prefer to prefer freelancers to develop small business card sites and landings.  Large-scale, longer-term work with further refinement is better served by web studios with appropriate guarantees.

Is it worth ordering an online portal

 The Internet portal is not only a constant source of income, but also a bottomless chasm for their spending.  From model development, design, technical implementation to promotion and advertising.  And so, the Internet portal should be different from the platforms of competitors, be more convenient and give benefits to users.  In addition to convenience, you need activity on social networks, pintester, yu-tuba.  Obligatory presence of SEO experts and analysts, constant updating of content and maintenance of programmers. The first few months the site will be in the "sandbox" - that is, it will have less trust than the old sites (in Yandex the situation is the opposite).

 The site must be ordered depending on its purpose, if acquaintance with the company - a business card site or landing page, the provision of services - a corporate site and active work of a SEO specialist.