How to promote a site in the TOP in 24 hours

Is it possible to promote the site in the TOP of the issue itself and quickly.  Why hire an entire team of SEO scouts and wait half a year for the expected result?


 And so what can really be done in 24 hours:

 1. Conduct site analysis.  This is the first and most correct solution.  There are several areas to analyze: google speed tester, screaming frog seo spider, and general SEO (free, but for small sites, not serpstat, or paid semrush, for your site, serpstat ).

 2. To analyze the sites of competitors who are in the first place of issue and the closest competitors.

 3. Save!  weaknesses and strengths of the site, to determine why competitors' sites are in the first position (clearly they have a better site structure, more backlinks, higher traffic, better meta tags).

 4. Draw up a promotion plan defining control periods (week, month, three months and half year).

 The most important work is completed, then there is the routine of fixing technical flaws, analyzing the semantic kernel (searching for keywords and distributing them by appropriate clusters), filling in meta tags, optimizing pages, writing texts and providing backlinks.


A logical question arises, if everything is so simple, why pay a lot of money marketers and SEO-schnick. Indeed, with most of the above points can be managed independently, even a technical optimization you can clean it yourself or pay a freelancer to 100-200 dollars. With a small website really works for 24-36 hours. Then go ahead, launch the rocket, leaving only backlinks, but this is not a problem, on the online exchanges in a relatively modest sum offered to put 3-5 thousand back links to a website in 1 day. All, just finished. Now observe how the site of No.-tion of the place crawls 20-50 steps below. 
Why? All indicators of your website best, more key words, external links... but. But the search engines even understand the jokes, so simple ways of cheating external links recognize a few days, and then put the site under filters.


If simple, imagine a resource in one day distributed about 1000 times, while it is practically not visited, already have questions. After such a sharp boom the next day went lull, the site ceased to be of interest to users. So for what services to raise the position of website in search?


Another option, you got a base of "trust sites" (reliable from the point of view of SEO promotion), distributed the periods when you put external links in a month or two gradually added 200-300 external links, but speakers do not. The fact that the same base of "trust sites" you have already downloaded thousands of search engines and put your backlinks. Even if those sites do have good indicators of trust (which is more the exception than the rule), after several months of adding third-party links they have turned into a dump in the network, respectively, they not only add weight to your website, but also make the search engines perceive your website with caution, not to mention the possibility of identity theft when registering on third-party resources.


So, to answer the question "how in 24 hours to promote website to TOP" you can just – no way. 


Internal optimization it is possible to perform – it's a fact, but you need a lot of time to spend on study materials, time period and find resources who write useful things, and n repostat nonsense. In particular, most of the articles recommended to do the meta tag description 150-170 characters, since the search of the remaining characters does not display in the ribbon. However, this is the first tag that search engines analyze. Google allows you to make a description in 300 characters, why you need to lose another 150 characters (27-30 words).


You can repair your car yourself, sew a suit or even build a house, but the time spent and the extra tools purchased may not recoup the time spent.  In addition, there is no guarantee that you will do better than the people who do this on a regular basis.  Therefore, if you want to go into the site yourself - all you can do is have patience and free time, remember that there must be growth dynamics, backlinks and systematic work.  Do not believe the cool article that in a day - a week the site will fly to the TOP, become better than competitors and you will succeed.


 Ask for additional advice, we will be glad to help.