How to choose a site design

 Do you need a website, or is an existing resource built in the 10s / fastest and in need of a global upgrade?  Great, this article is for you.

 You may have a lot of ideas, pictures in your head, or you do not know where to start - do not worry, in any case for a quality competitive site you need the help of specialists because:

 1. Web design has its own peculiarities and rules, to study their time consuming business.

 2. In addition to the design rules, SEO optimization is required, so you have one more education - a SEO specialist.

 3. You need to make friends with photoshop, or figma, or sketch.

 4. If you choose a template design - it is not likely to break into the TOP, since sites with the same design in the network may be more than 10,000, but exactly not less than 100.

 First, the structure of the site, then - design

 It is very important to determine the structural elements of the site, what will be the categories, market pages, which categories will have the same design, and what will combine these categories.  You need to define the main idea of ​​the site, the name of the company, etc.


No outdated clichés

 If a children's entertainment site is clouds and video on the first screen, the auto goods site is a girl who repairs a car, construction is a happy family against the backdrop of a new home.  These are established clichés that work quite well.

 You do not have to be the best but the best to remember your client and pull your niche.  It is better not to let all the blocks fly, the animation changes the slides like taking off, but to arouse interest in the user, to draw an analogy that you will not immediately guess.  For example, a children's room is not only fun and fun for the baby, but I have a carefree few hours for parents who can go shopping, at the movies, just relax.

 Don't be afraid to go beyond the established limits.

 So it takes a designer to come up with a creative idea and communicate it to the user.


 Top search engine analysis

 Before ordering a site, be sure to familiarize yourself with the design and structure of the resources that are in the top search engine in your area.  No one will tell you so much as your competitors.  For some reason, they made their way to the TOP, perhaps due to quality design and content, maybe - old site and good brand, maybe the work of SEO specialists.

 Analyze sites, be sure to note your impressions: what you liked, what you didn't like, what you would like to add or replace.

 Believe me, a good web studio manager will do the same and you will have a constructive conversation and two independent points of view.  After this analysis, you will be much closer to getting the desired result.


 Sliders, videos and animations

 Sliders, videos, and animations - seemingly good tools for engaging customers, but there is but.  It will be much more enjoyable for a user to visit the site in a matter of seconds than to wait 5-15 seconds for a video or slide change code to download (especially with our internet).  In Europe and the United States, no one is thinking about this problem in their 5G internet, and we have 4G Internet like one big letter.

 Sliders not only slow down the loading of pages of a site but also in many niches (design of clothes, interiors, furniture, doors) annoy users because they do not allow to look at goods.  As soon as you focus on the details - the slide is flying somewhere.

 The animations may look great, but the flicker of "order" or "action" text is disrespectful to users and is reminiscent of online casinos or credits.  You can slightly highlight the buttons when hovering, increase the photo area, animate the appearance and disappearance of blocks when scrolling, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

 Video files are best placed in a separate directory, or at least on the first screen of the page.  If the developer applies lazy content downloading, the user will almost never feel the burden of downloading the video file.


Don't experiment with text fonts

 Original title-font - Your right and the bread of the designer.  However, the body of the text is on the site to be read (usually diagonally fast).  Unusual font, thin lines, elongated letters may bring some color to the appearance, but will cause complete numbness in the person who dares to read the written.

 Our parents and grandfathers have found the perfect height-to-letter ratio for readability, have you read this font for decades and are ready to cross it out now?

 If your text is a beautiful text, it is only a readable font.  It is possible to apply not a black color, but toysh m "other than a useful tint - it will reduce the load on the eyes.


 Picture on the background

 You can use the picture in the background if the text on the front rotates into a block with its background.  If you want to put text on top of a background with a picture - you will have a problem when the black font is poorly read on a dark background and the white font on light.  Designers are twisted, giving the background a blackout.

 Remember, the bright picture in the background is not friendly with the texts.


 Web Design Trends 2019-2020

 The network is recovering from the influx of animations and bold design decisions, and is heading toward restrained minimalism.  The main trends are:

 1. Having a 3D image on a monotonous background (the 3D screen will not interfere with 3D image that will explain the main theme of your site);

 2. Minimum sliders;

 3. Diagonal lines on the background instead of pictures;

 4. Keeping a narrow color gamut - 3 colors per screen;

 5. Informativeness is more important than design.

 6. A minimum of pictures in the adapter.


What to say to the designer so he understands you

 It is best to write down all design changes.  It can be Trello, or the more familiar format - an online Word document.  Make screenshots of sites that should not be in your resource.  Determine the basic block layout, navigation, and site colors.  The designer will write it all down in a document and develop a sketch that will further develop into a finished design.

 Check the originality of the pictures from the site.  They must be original.

 Important: If you are planning a menu or content in multiple columns - the designer should fill not only fish (same text) - but also show how to hide - information that does not fit within the block will be disclosed.  A common problem is that when design with the same text size everything is red, the carriage turns into a pumpkin after filling with real content.


 Check out the uniqueness of the template and pictures

 If you pay for design - you deserve to get quality services, not only from a visual standpoint but also from a technical point of view.

 The uniqueness of the pictures and the design as a whole is a very important element, so do not be lazy to go to the online service and check them for uniqueness.

 You can check the uniqueness of the pictures here.  To check the template, make screenshots and upload as pictures.



 Your site - then the design of the site is a headache for you first and then the designer (no matter how much you pay for it).  In my experience, this is often the case (our team has changed more than one designer in a short time).  If the designer does not pay attention to the points outlined above and does not specify your details - it does not mean that he is a bad specialist, but to ask for those points is worth it

 In any case, contact us, consult us, we will be glad to help.