How To Make Money On The Internet

 Earning money on the Internet is of interest to almost every user.  The network is teeming with various offers of earnings, but as far as is practically possible.

 Captcha earnings

 There are many services.  who offer material rewards for captcha captions, forum posts, and more.  These services are really worth the money, but the amount that can be raised for such actions is small, you risk spending a lot of time without achieving sufficient material rewards.  If you go into the numbers - the cost of one guessed captcha is about 20-70 cents.  Therefore, these actions should not be considered as a source of income.

 Bitcoin (other cryptocurrency) mining on online farms

 If you own cryptocurrencies on online resources, in 90% of cases you will not be able to withdraw the money earned.  The fact that such platforms work on the principle of MMM - who registered first, or registered a large number of referrals may remain a plus, in other cases it is a waste of time  mining power, reposting platform information, and when it comes to cryptocurrency withdrawal - it turns out that withdrawal is possible only when a large amount of cryptocurrency is raised, the form of the application does not work, or the output of a stretch depends  etsya for days, weeks.

 Like and comment

 Higher in the earnings hierarchy is commenting on forums and adding likes.  These activities are clearly paid for above, but the monotony and routine are quickly boring.  In addition, earning more than $ 1-3 per hour will be lucky.  Not to mention the risks of not getting the promised money after working a few weeks.

Keeping pages on social networks
 A good option for making money online is to run pages on social networks.  Prices here can fluctuate a lot.  On the exchanges of freelancers can be seen as quite ridiculous amounts and decent.  But not limited to online platforms you can try to offer your services to companies and individuals.  Don't be afraid of rejection, go boldly in front.

 You-tube channels

 One of the safest ways to make money, however, is to take up your niche is difficult, especially if you are not in command of channel development and video shooting.  Find like-minded people, come up with a theme, submit it as they didn't do it to you, add social media pages and repost videos on your own pages - success is guaranteed.  The main patience and perseverance.


 Great Method Of Making Money Online - Copywriting.  Not only is writing a constant source of income, it also broadens your outlook, hones your skills, and opens new horizons.  The big plus is remote work.  You have the opportunity to become a copywriter for a specific corporate website or PR agency and not worry about paying money.  Do not be afraid to translate texts into other languages, this is an effective method to improve your knowledge of foreign languages.  Also, do not forget about the quality of texts, copied texts from other portals will not improve your portfolio.  The cost of texts varies from 15 UAH to 200 UAH for 1000 characters.  It all depends on the quality of the text and the specifics of the topics.


Promotion of pages and groups on social networks

 If you have the opportunity to work for the future - you can develop groups and pages on social networks.  Groups over 100,000 cost from $ 4,000.  However, it is not easy to get so many users, but it will be easier to unwind others after unwrapping the first group.


 Content blogs are quite popular if you can retain users - there is a great chance of success with Google Adsense advertising.  However, your earnings may not be as big as you might expect.  On average, one click costs 3-12 cents.  From one thousand visitors, 10 to 100 clicks are collected (depends on the quality of content, placement of ad units, subject matter of articles).  Blogging to a foreign audience brings more profit, in Eastern European countries, every thousand clicks brings in $ 10-100.  Such a big difference is caused by the overflow of the market with cheap ad units and Google's advertising policies, regardless of their cost.  Screening out cheap ad units is time-consuming and time-consuming.

 Complete online surveys and tests

 The method, which is more suitable for working several evenings, but also paid well if you speak English.  Online surveys above are paid abroad, domestic firms do not have sufficient budgets.  It is difficult to call such earnings permanent, as surveys will get bored quickly and you will not be able to fit the criteria to the target audience.

 In general, there are many ways to make money online.  However, there are bloggers who, after recording 20 videos, have left their minds, there are copywriters who refuse the services of the publishers.  The main thing is to treat each work responsibly and persistently.