Order the site Kiev

Ordering a site online is difficult and inconvenient because it is difficult to discuss technical details and ensure proper site performance.  Despite the availability of online ordering platforms, freelancers have a history of ordering, reviews, portfolios, ordering sites in web studios remains the more conventional and reliable method, especially when it comes to corporate websites for online stores.  A web studio is a guarantee of quality, at least there is such a stereotype.  Unfortunately, there are very frequent cases of delayed fulfillment of orders, increase of the initial cost of the sites several times, and also failure to justify the expectations of the customer.  To get the result you want, read below.

 Before going to the web studio is a must

 1. Find out the goals of the site.
 2. Predict the future purpose of the site.
 3. Determine the target audience.
 4. Determine the need to attract contextual advertising and promotion of the site in the TOP.
 5. Calculate the potential revenue from new customers.

 And yes, the questions seem difficult and require specialist advice, but in order not to order the extra burden that will hit the wallet, you must first understand, google yourself, look at competitors' sites.  For example, if you are engaged in trucking and have one car, whether you are engaged in manicure, haircut at home, drilling wells - a site of a business card or landing you will be enough.  You have a very narrow specialization, do not need promotion in the TOP search (which will cost at least $ 5000) and will not require a large number of texts and backlinks.  It is better to focus on contextual advertising and social media pages, which will provide a constant source of customers without burdening your budget.  Moreover, a corporate website needs to be refilled and updated - which will result in additional wastage of time and money.


 Be sure to ask the web developers before ordering the site

1 The design will be original or template;

 2. Images on the site will be original or downloaded from resources;
 3. The site will be made by CMS or self-description (you can read the difference here)

 4. Whether the terms of reference will be included in the contract (or will it be a contract);
 5. Terms of development and responsibility for delay of development of the site;
 6. In which cases the price of the site may rise;
 7. Will the site be optimized for promotion (then costly);
 8. Do you customize Google tools;
 9. In which cases you may not accept the site;
 10. How much further support for the site will cost


 How to Choose a Web Studio |
 Unfortunately, the traditional "search for feedback" approach will not work, as in most cases webcasters who work in web studios "wind up" reviews and create questions on thematic forums "where to order a site" and then give 3-4 positive reviews with reference to their own  site.  Alternatively, you should look at a portfolio where you pay attention not only to the design, but also to the speed of downloading sites (you can check on gtmetrix).  Be sure to reach out to several web studios and analyze their suggestions.

 It is important for Ukraine to build a site in several languages ​​at once, but to translate it not on the client side and the server, in which case these pages will be indexed as different sites.  As for Kiev, it is not difficult to find a web studio, they grow like mushrooms, on the principle, the closer to the center - the more expensive.  Unfortunately, in Kiev, as in Ukraine as a whole, there is a tendency for cheaper development due to the hiring of low-cost workers.  And so, in cases where the developer grows to a salary level of $ 2000-2500, he creates the conditions for leaving the company, because these funds can be hired 3-5 low-paid workers.  This often affects the timing and quality of the site.