What is included in the price

  - up to 7 unique pages;
  - adaptability, cross-browser;
  - design;
  - the ability to add articles;
  - the ability to add photos;
  - the ability to add video files;
  - half year hosting (up to 30 thousand unique visitors);

from 1100.0$


  • the ability to post content
  • opportunity to earn a visit
  • small cost
  • small project
  • few categories
  • a small number of visitors

A blog is a small, content-themed website that is constantly updated.  The main characteristic of the blog is a narrow profile.  In general, this form of web resource is suitable for people who want to share their stories, observations, thoughts with a wide audience and who already lack for these purposes pages in social networks and video hosting.  The big advantage of blogging over social networks is monetization, however, to increase the audience you need to maintain pages on social networks and YouTube, because these services are much easier to get an audience.  In general, a constantly updated blog can be a source of good earnings.  The main thing is to engage the audience with quality content.
 Currently, the Internet is full of information portals and blogs, so getting an audience without engaging social media pages and outdoor advertising is extremely difficult.  Also, you should not forget about the sandbox (Google does not trust the young sites), so you should build patience and work without ceasing, and later, your efforts will give you results.