Site for Ccorporation

What is included in the price

 - up to 10 unique pages;
 - catalog of goods;
 - media library;
 - corporate mail;
 - Basic SEO-optimization;
 - the ability to create categories;
 - the ability to add articles;
 - Telegram bot;
 - virtual server for 6 months;
 - 3 months free support;

from 4000.0$

Site for Ccorporation

  • brand awareness
  • convenience of communication between offices
  • increase in sales market
  • communication with consumers
  • the need for site maintenance
  • the need to add new content
  • the cost of being in the TOP

A corporate site is an office on the Internet, with logistics, warehouse products, managers and, of course, a bunch of outlaws who actively display a working look.  The corporate site is no longer an additional bonus from the company for communication with clients, but a requirement of good tone, or a necessity.



 Correctly built and user-friendly for a corporate site, their number will increase tenfold, not to mention remarketing.

 The basic rule is to keep changing and be the best.



 Every day, new sites and companies are emerging that are improving something, making it easier to capture their niche in search.  Accordingly, if you stand still and not develop, you can fall back over time, so you need to come up with interesting promotions, ratings, trainings (depending on the field).



 If you do not believe that these tools are effective - give us a link to your site, we will analyze the niche and find solutions to improve your search position and find new clients.



 The site can be a great addition to the business, optimizing monotonous processes and clearly displaying your advantages over competitors, and unnecessary burdens that require additional investment and dedicated admin.  It depends on many factors: choosing the target audience, defining the goals of the site, building a convenient and effective site structure, communicating the benefits and prospects of the company to the users and SEO optimization.



Trend 2020 is to increase website traffic through social media pages. The fact that the search engines there are 3 factors that rank websites, namely, website traffic, backlinks and sales. If the site is visited by 30% more users than the top sites of a niche, he is doomed to getting on the first page of search results. Do not rush to open a new window and order a "cheat" visitors to the online exchanges because attendance has its own nuances: if the user within 14 seconds left the site – I wish he didn't. The best is stay on the website from 40 seconds and opening of 2.5 pages. So think about what interest and retain users. Equally important custom indicator next steps after closure of the site. That is, if the user after visiting your site ceased to wander to other sites for your theme – so your website was useful to him, in such circumstances, you will automatically bypass the in search of several closest competitors.

Given the above we would advise to order a website in the firm, which is engaged in not only developing websites but also their promotion, to further avoid doing double the work.


Freelancer or a web Studio?



The main difference between freelancers and web studios is to work for the future. After a year or two after work, a freelancer navrata you'll find it to make new edits in the case of a recording site, you may get the code then I do not want to fix any one firm because the patch will take much more time than a full-fledged development.



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