Landing Page

What is included in the price

- 1 page (up to 7 screens);
- adaptive navigation;
- 3 screens with dynamic     content;
- 1 slider;
- animation of blocks;
- hover text animation;
- basic administrative panel;

from 800.0$

Landing Page

  • small cost
  • beautiful design
  • easy to scroll
  • more expensive advertising
  • SEO ineligibility
  • not getting into the top 10
  • the user lost

Landing page can be described as an extended business card site, it is a small site consisting of a single page, with a height of 5-7 desktop screens.  Typically, the Landing page contains navigation, the home screen, information about the service, team, benefits of the company, its summary, feedback and contacts.  The big plus of landing is the ability to create beautiful designs and transitions between screens, which, on the other hand, creates problems for new users who are lost in content and who cannot immediately find the information they need.
 Another issue is indexing (search engine data collection of page content) that landing pages do not have.  In one page, there should be basic information.  Landing is one (albeit very large) page.  If there are passenger car and motorcycle repair services on this page, these services may not be immediately essential, one of them is perceived by the search engine as a minor one, so the site will be indexed worse by this "secondary" service.  However, the robot may determine the most important information on the site information about the company or team, not the service