What is included in the price

  - adaptive navigation;
  - 2 sliders;
  - animation of blocks;
  - hover text animation;
  - basic administrative panel;
  - catalog of goods (up to 30 thousand)
  - the ability to add categories and products;
  - basket of goods;
  - callback;
  - server for 3 months as a gift;

from 2300.0$


  • increasing the number of buyers
  • brand awareness
  • unlimited sales market
  • the need to update prices/services
  • constant work on content filling
  • the involvement of a SEO specialist is desirable

Online store is a platform for selling products online. The undisputed advantage of placing the catalog in the online store is not attachment to a particular territory, which greatly expands the potential customer base. Despite the huge competition new online stores can quickly win a place in sight of consumers by using SEO tools and Internet marketing. However, these tools will only lead potential customers to the site - the rest largely depends on the design features and offers of goods. To understand can You potentially compete online, - analyze your competitor's sites in Your niche, whether the competitors inconvenient places if You can offer the best terms, bonuses, if so, then full before.


Do not order the development of the site if:


  1. Not going to invest at least$ 10,000 in SEO and contextual advertising;

  2. Not analyzed the market and do not have better proposals than competitors;

  3. Don't have a clear plan for the development site and strategy against competitors;


Sections 2 and 3 we can help to solve them, the first paragraph is for you)). The sales market on the Internet is quite aggressive, so you should not entertain illusions that without SEO promotion and Internet advertising to your target audience. There is a wonderful expression of marketers:


None of the most ingenious design and convenient structure of the website is worth nothing if it can't see clients.


In any case, you can contact us for advice. Our experts can conduct an audit of your niche and predict the cost of promoting categories of the website in the TOP results (as well as the period of the promotion). Thus even before you start developing your website you will be able to assess the potential risks and costs.

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