Internet portal

What is included in the price

 - up to 30 unique pages;
 - the ability to add photos and videos to the body of articles;
 - the ability to add categories;
 - indexing of each article;
 - SEO-optimization;
 - media library;
 - Telegram bot;
 - blocks for contextual advertising;
 - virtual server for 1 year;
 - 3 months free support

from 18000.0$

Internet portal

  • communication with consumers
  • earnings from site visits
  • multifunctionality
  • versatility
  • constant work on content filling
  • the need for site maintenance
  • the need to add new content
  • the cost of being in the TOP

An Internet portal is a site that includes a number of services for communication and information retrieval on the Internet.  Web portals can be divided into functions such as informational, analytical, thematic (gaming, educational, entertaining, etc.), and the common features are broad-based and a large audience.  If you want to create your own internet portal - great, come up with an idea that will appeal to a wide audience and have advantages over other portals.  Gather a team of like-minded people and be amazed.  Why be patient, because Google is cautious about young resources, you will not get into the top issue for some time until search engines see the consistency of your resource, the originality of the content, the usefulness of the audience.  An integral component of an online portal is activity on social networks, YouTube, pinterest, forums, in general, compact crowdsourcing.
 The Internet portal is a good source of money not only for banner advertising, but also for advertising articles, reviews, releases.  However, it is important to know that for the first 4-6 months the resource will not produce the desired profit, but will pump money (through development, copywriters, journalists ...). Weigh the risks and seek advice, we will be glad to help.

Development of portals on the Internet takes an average of 2-6 months.  Companies that have not previously encountered large sites or have a large staff turnover often delay their lead time and increase their initial budget by 2-3 times.  Large sites have their own specificity, so it is important that they are not only technically = properly written but also SEO-optimized.  Therefore, it is very important to choose a SEO company that can apply SEO principles to the portal.  Otherwise, you will simply drain the budget to promote and fight competitors.

 Active pages on social networks (at least 20 thousand subscribers) should be provided.  Our company has active pages on social networks (about 25,000,000 unique subscribers) so it can create weeds with live subscribers rather than "cheating through botos."  Unique photos and videos, active profiles on y-tube for pintrest - an additional source of traffic and backlinks, which should also not be forgotten.

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