Business card site

What is included in the price

- 1 page;
 - design;
 - adaptability, cross-browser;
 - social networks;
 - Contacts, Google Map
 - brief information about the author;
 - uploading the site to our server;

from 400.0$

Business card site

  • presence on the internet
  • low cost
  • the ability to post content
  • high cost of advertising
  • not getting into the TOP
  • low content

A business card is a good start for online presentation.  With the help of a business card site you can qualitatively expand the reach of a consumer audience by placing context, banner, advertising, advertising through discount sites and social networks.  A business card may be suitable for small companies with a narrow specialization (transportation of windows, delivery of containers, bulk goods ...) in general, of one category of services.  You can also connect Google services and leave a tag on maps.
 Of course, there are drawbacks, in particular, in organic search, a business card will not be able to fight large sites, so it will be no higher than 5-6 pages of search (helps contextual advertising).
 In general, a business card is an original way to convey to a wide audience (including via the Internet newsletter and advertising) location information and organization / person contacts.

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